In today's modern living our planet is facing the growing pollution by various non-degradable artificial materials and waste, which reflects in deteriorating quality of life. Therefore, we consider it our absolute obligation to adjust the modern production process to the basics of healthy living. Our devotion to preserving the environment is demonstrated through the fact that all our products are recyclable. We put a special emphasis on environmental issues, striving to constantly improve our production process by using new technologies that reduce negative impact of our industry on the environment. We challenge ourselves every day to do better, and to be better.


From the aspect of air protection, there is equipment installed on the site in order to reduce negative impacts on the air. Electrostatic precipitators are installed on our boilers to remove dust. By burning black liquor on an LUKO-4 alkaline boiler, the gases are fed to electric filters where sodium sulfate is released which is then returned to the dissolution vessel, and the gases are fed to a scrubber where sulfur compounds are removed using weak white lye.

All separated gases from the pulp production process, from condensers, cutting silos, digesters, vacuum filters, filtrate and foam vessels, blow tanks and evaporating plants are transported to the gas treatment plant where condensate is separated from the diluted and concentrated gas lines and returned to the compression plant and the uncondensed gases are burned in a gas-burning furnace. After incineration, the gases are taken to a scrubber where they are washed with a weak white lye which returns to the production process and the purified gases are released into the atmosphere


Applying the principle of sustainability by applying water recirculation systems or by responsible water consumption we reduce water consumption to a minimum which results in minimal amounts of wastewater as well as minimal impact on the recipient. Natron-Hayat has a wastewater treatment system consisting of physico-chemical and biological wastewater treatment....


We treat waste in accordance with the valid Waste Management Plan. We use returnable packaging wherever possible. In order for our business to be sustainable we apply existing and look for new innovative ways to recycle by-products and all waste materials generated during production and other activities that take place in our company....


Mechanisms for generating noise of a mechanical nature can generally be very successfully eliminated by permanent monitoring of the condition of mechanical equipment and regular maintenance of equipment. In order to constantly improve the working environment through the requirements of the implemented ISO 14001 standard as well as through compliance with all laws and regulations in the field of safety and health, product design takes into account the impact of noise on workers and the environment. By choosing the material, techniques of joining the components and the insulation itself, we contribute to reduction of noise.

Energetic efficiency

We also work on improving energy efficiency in our production processes. This efficiency is provided by a set of measures and activities of the company with un ultimate goal of minimizing energy consumption, provided that the productivity is the same or improved.

About us

In the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina; tucked in the green hills, over a big river, in a perfect harmony with nature lies Natron-Hayat pulp an paper mill.


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