1. Additionally processed papers
  • a. Paper sheets
  • b. Paper tapes
  • a. Paper sheets
  • c. Advertising paper
2. Enriched paper
(enrichment with glue or polyethylene)
  • a. Adhesive tape 
  • b. Polyethylene paper
  • c. Complex materials
1. Additionally processed papers

a. Paper sheets
All types of our papers we can offer as paper sheets and dimensions are according to customer request.
Sheets can be used for packaging in all branches of industry. We are producing them out of all papers that can be found in our offer:
  • Kraft papers
  • Packaging (OPN, Shrenz, Fluting, Testliner 3)
  • MG paper
Formats of sheets are min. 50cm x 40cm and max. 158cm x 126cm.
We are delivering them in packages, weight is from 20kg to 50kg or on pallets 700kg to 900kg.

b. Paper tapes
Paper tapes are produced in grammages: 40gsm to 200gsm and widths according to customer request.

Paper tapes can be applied for production of paper cores (shrenz tape) which are also a part of our offer or explosives industry (kraft paper tape) and for further conversion during production of paper sacks and paper bags.

c. Advertising paper
Advertising paper is printed paper in 1-4 colors, with neutral print or customers logo. It is used for wrapping and at the same time for advertising. Advertising paper is offered in rolls that weight approximately 10kg and it is possible to buy it in sheets.

Grammages: 40gsm to 200gsm
Types of paper: Kraft paper, MG paper and OPN paper
Widths of paper: 30cm to 100cm.

2. Enriched paper
(enrichment with glue or polyethylene)

a. Adhesive tape
Paper adhesive tapes are divided according to their purpose in:
  • Adhesive tape for wood industry is applied in furniture industry.This type of tape can be perforated or without perforation. The glue is animal origin.
    • Types and grammages of paper: MG 40gsm + 21gsm coating 12mm, 15mm and 25mm
      Widths of paper: 20mm to 25mm.
  • Adhesive tape for food industry is without any doubt the most natural way of closing and gluing of corrugated board packaging and other paper boxes. It is of natural gluten origin and has no additives or harmful materials. Adhesive tape is produced: with and without print, with and without reinforcement.

Type of paper: Kraft papers, MG paper 70gsm to 90gsm
Kraft paper: 70gsm to 90gsm
Width of adhesive tape: 30mm to 90mm
Coating of glue: 21gsm to 25gsm depending on the grammage of background.

Adhesive tape with reinforcement is used for packaging of more valuable products like electrical devices. Your products will be safe if adhesive tape strengthened with fibres is used. Adhesive tape is delivered in packages that weight 10kg in water resistant packaging.
Besides production of above mentioned tapes and sheets we are performing reeling and cutting of all types of paper.

b. Polyethylene paper
This type of paper is used for protection of different kind of products from moisture and smells for example paper sacks production for packaging products that are sensible to moisture, smells, oils a.o. PE paper is offered in sheets and rolls and out of them we are producing paper sacks and paper bags.

Grammage: 40 to 200gsm
Minimum polyethylene coating is 10gsm and maximum 40gsm.

c. Complex materials
  • Paper + PE coating + Al foil
  • Paper + PE coating + glass web + Al foil
  • Paper + PE coating + paper
  • Paper + PE coating + medical canvas PE paper and complex materials
On all additionally processed and enriched products it is possible to have up to 4 color printing according to customers request.

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