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Following the reconstruction of paper-machine 3, Natron Hayat is able to deliver even higher volumes of top quality MG paper to customers throughout the world. This is just one element in the broad range of quality products produced by Natron Hayat and it is delivered on a regular basis to more than 90 clients in more than 20 countries. MG paper is made from pure pulp and can be glazed on one side or ribbed. MG paper is commonly used in the production of paper packaging, small paper bags for vegetables, baked goods, and shopping bags. We are constantly striving to enhance the quality of MG paper, and we guarantee product reliability and timely delivery.

Product specifications:

Grammage: 37 – 90 gr/m2
Trim width: 2 760 mm 
Reel diameter 1.200 mm - 1.000 mm
Reel width: 300 - 1600 mm
Core diameter: 76 mm
Reel diameter: 700-1 000 mm

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