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Natron-Hayat produces 100% cellulose virgin based brown kraft paper. Due to the fact that our equipment is purchased from the leading world manufacturers, and thanks to the skills and expertise of our personel, the quality of our paper is very high. We offer products that are made to satisfy your needs in terms of performance, strength, and durability. Quality of our kraft paper is its own advertisement, enabling us to enjoy the trust of customers for many years.

Our paper is exported to over 50 countries all over the world, and yet, our goal remains to carve the name of Natron-Hayat in the stones of every continent. We can proudly say that we produce one of the best kraft papers available in the market.Our brown paper has great strength properties, because it is made out of virgin fibre from pine, spruce, and fir.

Kraft paper production:
- Annual production: 85.000 t,
- Grammage: 50-150 g/m2,
- Trim width (paper width): 5.400 mm,
- Reel width: min 100mm,
- Reel diameter: max 1.500 mm,
- Core diameter: 70 mm; 76,2 mm; 101,6 mm.

Application Areas

Our kraft paper is used in industrial packaging of cement, flour and other powdery type products, animal food, and it is also certified and suitable for use in the food industry. However, the main use of kraft paper remains primarily in the cement industrial packaging. By all its features, our unbleached Semi Extensible sack kraft paper is the most suitable type of paper for these purposes.

Natron-Hayat offers brown sack kraft paper grades for cement. One of the reasonswhy our kraft paper is your best choice is its high stretch properties, great strength and printability. All these properties satisfy latest demands in packaging of cement materials.

Industrial & Building Materials
Our sack kraft paper is also used for packaging of industrial and building materials other than cement. These include lime, sand, clay, artificial fertilizers, charcoal, powdery chemicals and others, which require high elasticity and high tear resistance. You can be ensured that our kraft paper will withstand straining caused by filling of the bags and sacks, carrying, storage, and different climate conditions.

Animal Feed & Pet Food
Sacks used as animal feed are usually exposed to rough handling, and therefore it is necessary that such sacks withstand transport to the place of consumption. Our kraft paper makes sacks and bags durable and suitable for vast variety of applications in different industries, and for different purposes.

Natron-Hayat makes sack kraft paper approved for food contact. Bearing in mind that many chemicals are used in the wood processing, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that all chemicals in Natron-Hayat intented for kraft paper production are certified, and can be used for packaging of dry, wet, and fatty food products. Sacks and bags produced from our kraft paper can be used for filling seeds, sugar, flour, rice, potatoe or other foods, as certified by Pulp and Paper Institute Ljubljana.

PE coating and special protective packaging
Primary use of kraft paper is production of sacks and bags. There are also many secondary uses, and amongst them is PE coating. Our kraft paper can be used as polyethylene coating inside bags and boxes that are meant for medical and food products. It can also be used as special protective packaging.

Paper Grades

Our sack kraft papersare used in conversion of wide variety of sacks and bags for all industries including construction, chemical and food, and they can also be used in combinations with PE and bleached papers. Paper grades:
- NH Standard Kraft (NH SK)
- NH Semi Extensible (NH SX)
- NH High Performance (NH HP)

- High TEA (Tensile Energy Absorption) suitable for sacks requiring tough applications
- Good porosity suitable for high speed filling machines, especially for cement applications
- Good printability
- Good runnability for high speed conversion machines

Standard Kraft
Our Standard Kraft paper is mainly used in production of bags intended for charcoal (grill coal), shopping bags with and without handles, shopping bags for powdery type products, and grocery bags.
Short Facts:
- High stretch resistance
- Good printability
- Standard production grammage: 70, 80, and 90 g/m2
- Special production grammage: 50, 60, 100, 110, 120, 150 g/m2

Semi Extensible
Semi Extensible paper is primarily used for packaging of cement, but it can also be used for other construction materials, powdery products, chemicals and food. It has high TEA (Tensile Energy Absorption) properties which allow considerable savings on paper, without compromising the quality of the sacks.
Short Facts:
- High TEA properties
- Good porosity
- Standard production grammage: 70, 80, 90 g/m2
- Special production grammage: 55, 60, 65, 100, 110, 120 g/m2

High Performance
This paper has very high performances and is suitable for usage in harsh and special conditions. Its high TEA and stretch values make it extremely tough and durable. If you are operating in humid environments, or would like your sacks to be stitched or sewn instead of glued, High Performance paper should be your first choice.
Short Facts:
- Best for usage in humid environments
- Extremely tough and durable
- Can be only produced as special order
- Special production grammage: 70, 80, 90, 100 g/m2

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