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Each day a modern man is faced with the environmental pollution by various artificial materials and waste, which, of course, negatively affects the climatic changes and deteriorates the quality of our life. Therefore, we consider it our absolute obligation to adjust the modern production process to the basics of healthy living.

Clear proof that Natron-Hayat supports the preservation of our environment is the fact that all our products can be recycled, which means that all papers, after being used, are going back to the production process. Thus, we are saving forests – the lungs of the earth – guided by the motto FROM NATURE TO NATURE!

The very trademark of our company is the Stork – a bird which is the symbol of healthy environment and continuation of generations.

In near future we are expecting the installation of the waste water treatment system. We are truly hoping that all this will set example for other companies to join this movement, and hereby we want to use the opportunity to invite other companies to come together in the struggle for the awakening of ecological consciousness.

Fundamental principles of the environmental policy are based on the decision that all emissions to the air and discharges to the water and ground are to be brought down to the levels recommended by the European standards. To that end, Natron-Hayat is currently implementing projects for the modernisation of the wastewater treatment system, the ESP management system and the flue gas incineration facilities as well as the improvement of solid waste management.

The modernisation of the wastewater treatment system includes the following segments:

1. The modernisation of the sewage system – separation of process waters and sanitary waters from storm waters.

2. The modernisation of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) – Project for the modernisation of the wastewater treatment plant has been designed by the Turkish company Envirotek envisaging physical-chemical and biological wastewater treatment. The project also includes treated water recirculation system, which would allow for significant savings in water consumption.

3. Ash and sludge are transported hydraulically from the boilers and ESPs to the Nekolj dam (ash and sludge disposal site). The dam is located in the close vicinity of the waste disposal site, that is, some 2 km away from Natron-Hayat. It is planned to expand the dam so that the disposal site could receive ash and sludge for 20 more years.

The ESP management system and the system for collection of all flue gases and their burning in the incinerator are currently being modernised, which will efficiently resolve the issue of flue gases in Natron-Hayat.

 The issue of solid waste management will be resolved through the installation of a new boiler for incineration of wood waste (bark and sawdust) and the wastewater sludge from the WWTP, while the communal waste will be transported to the solid waste landfill. The Sikola landfill has been built some 2 km away from Natron-Hayat as a result of efforts to find a comprehensive solution for the issue of garbage and waste disposal from Natron-Hayat and the town of Maglaj. The area of the landfill is some 4 hectares and its height ranges from 260 to 340 meters above sea-level. It is located in the valley of the Nekolj creek with rather steep sides and at an adequate distance from the existing and planned residential, recreational, agricultural and other infrastructural facilities with the aim to reduce the environmental pollution. The landfill can be accessed by an asphalt road. It can receive some 7,000 m3 of compacted garbage and waste per year. The landfill is run by the Maglaj Public Utility Company, which is responsible for the safe and environmentally acceptable waste management, based on the contract between Natron-Hayat and the Maglaj Public Utility Company.

Waste oils and lubricants are collected and returned to the refineries.

The current noise level measured at the border of the Natron-Hayat site is 65 dB, whereas it is 60 dB at the distance of 100 metres from first residential houses, which is within the legal limits for settlements in an industrial zone.
As a part of regular training, our health and safety department implements training in environmental issues developed in accordance with specific needs of different staff.

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